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Thanks for writing it up. It all looks well, but I think this remark made me chuckle a bit Work in your free time. If you work in your free time then that free time is not free anymore. I thought the idea of work is to buy back some of your personal time to do no work. My experience tells me to take your free time and sometimes do nothing, go for a walk, don't take any podcasts/books with yourself but just sit down under a tree, relax and listen to the surrounding. Talk to your close ones, strangers and sometimes just engage in mindless conversations. Your mind requires time to recuparate from processing and high intensive load. Otherwise you will burn yourself out. But feel free to ignore my remark, this is how I deal with my stubbornness to let go.


I agree. Maybe the sentiment should be "learn in your free time if you want to ". It shouldn't be a requirement. It can be a slippery slope for overworking or fatigue. For juniors/recent graduates it's worth asking how much time the company would provision for learning, and what kind of learning. If a company isn't offering learning time/resources for you to learn (courses, conferences, etc) they shouldn't be hiring a junior.

Also learning linux is not needed if your machine is unix based 😛


Thank you kamilliano for pointing it out. I strongly agree with you on that front whether it's to do with burn out or plain simple enjoy life. A healthy balance of work and life is definitely important.

When I wrote the article, I was with the mindset that, just like work, socializing, fun, exercise are also important and if any time left then it's free time but, I suppose it could be interpreted in different ways and I could have been more clearer.

I will update the line to make it clear.

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