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Sounds like an IT Management Consultant, I recommend following daedtech.com and reading his material!



Thanks for your comment Kamran! Now following daedtech.com!

I used to work in a management consulting firm, and I thought it was quite a good fit. I was brought in through a developer requisition, so I never thought of it as being an IT Management Consultant. For the most part, I was just a developer, but I observed and learned skills I otherwise might not have had I not been at that firm. It also explains a lot of things I've observed but wasn't able to piece together - a lot of skills developed in that role go unnoticed when speaking with engineering teams because they simply don't need it (i.e. client relationship, and even full-stack development, for highly specialized teams).

I need to explore it again from a different perspective. I appreciate your input!!! Thank you!

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