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Discussion on: Why you need to start using Svelte Js for web development projects if you still don't

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Christian Bewernitz

It helped me to understand the differences, but I guess there is much more to it since your comparison basically only covers component development, right?
The whole topic of building apps including state management is still unclear to me and will need further investigation. (Can you recommend anything specific?)
For fully knowing when to use it and when not, as promised in that second paragraph, I think I need more information.

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vaniukov Author

Sure, the article is more like a quick overview of the Svelte differences with the main focus on the components (as for me it's the main difference - just my opinion).
I can recommend resources that help me - I will not wonder you if I say that I started with Svelte documentation :) And these a few guides helped me a lot in the development process:

And about when to use it and when not, if you're going to use Svelte start with SPA development, think it's perfect for that. For MPA building, you can try to use Sapper framework