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Discussion on: Add PostCSS to Create-React-App

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Karl Krasnowsky

So would I configure this so the transpiler would find any file with the, e.g., extension *.pcss anywhere under my ./src location in my project?

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Darkø Tasevski Author

This postcss-cli config is watching only one file for changes, main.css in styles/ folder. All the other files are imported inside that file, so it's basically watching all imported files.

If you want to watch the whole dir, you can do it too, but you need to change script command a bit, there are a few examples how to do that in the main postcss-cli repository.

About extension, simple .css will work fine, as far as I know, there is no official extension for postcss files, and community recommends using just plain old .css.

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Karl Krasnowsky • Edited

Well I'm looking into incorporating a large, existing library that is using the pcss exension exclusively, I was hoping to use it as is without renaming the entire code base.

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