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And virtually none of these are supported by ie. When will that crap of a browser just go away?


IE is moving to Chromium soon, so it will quickly get back in sync with modern browsers.


but there is (as far as I know) no mandate to force users to stop using current versions of IE. Heck, there are still companies using Windows 7. We'll see a small, but very vocal ie user base that refuse to give up this piece of trash for a long time yet.
Unless a company can take a stand that they will no longer support it (which I have proposed to my management), it will continue to be a thorn in our side for a long time.


With 5% worldwide market share (around 2% decrease since last year) and not getting any real updates for around 6 years, you might as well just show "upgrade your browser" page to the elderly people still using IE.


yeah, but you (well at least our company) has to code around these "elderly people" still using IE.


In my experience, it's not elderly people, it's corporations with locked down machines, which is why we'll probably need to wait a long time before it goes away entirely.

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