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Thank you dear Abdelrhman,
It is useful, but Front end skills on its own it huge and takes a lot of time to be master in Vanilla js, Css and HTML. so next we move to concepts and the best practices. next tools. next frameworks and ...
With all this effort I think there is not much time left for us to learn SQL, wordpress and these stuff.
Also technology is moving forward rapidly and in my learning period JS 2020 and bootstrap 5 was released and you should also put some time for these essential new versions.

not to mention some employers ask us to have some knowledge in graphic side of the development like Photoshop, sketch and...

And if you want to done projects in between that gets overwhelmed, at least for me.

I'll be glad to hear your opinions and advice on it and how we can solve this problem in shortest time


First of all, thank you for your comment, FE is a huge topic for sure but I'm here addressing that layer of Software Engineers that are working on the FE web side and create Dynamic Web Apps, the ones that transfer data and come with login and signup, Apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
I didn't mention WordPress and I don't use it personally, I believe it's for projects that marketers and designers want quick deliverables for clients with control of content and some builtin functionality, so actually it's not in our stack.
Bootstrap too is not mandatory itself, CSS is, you need to know how Bootstrap works and what it offers like grid system and stuff like that, but not to save its class names by heart.
I don't either believe that Developers that focus on functionality and making Dynamic Apps should know the design aspect, just how to use photoshop, and know colors and how to get measures, in some companies, styling the Web App is a different job and another person's responsibility other than the FE Engineer, they may be called UI Engineers.
So you can decide and focus on what part you actually like and you're good at, and having an idea of how everything else works is a great advantage.


Thank you so much dear Abdelrhman,
Yeah I'm also not into learning all these stuff, but If I want to work on freelance route I have to learn WP, and you can achieve bootstrap effects just with pure CSS and Js and for sure there's no need for a front end developer to know about Sketch or Photoshop becuz that's UI designer's task.
But the problem is that employers demand it, and if we look at some frontend job listings, almost all of them listed bootstrap and some mentioned Photoshop/sketch
The other day I had a customer in freelancing market and he didn't have a design but wanted design and code altogether. So I told him it's two different tasks and areas done with two different people and he replied that every other developer in the industry that he had talked with would do the design task too!
Not surprisingly, I couldn't get the job :D
I mean that although you and I have same meaning for someone as a front end developer, the market demands more of us and that takes huge time and making it harder to move forward.

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