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Spacemacs mostly. I like how I can do everything using just a keyboard. It's also very important that it does not force me to remember 1000 keyboard shortcuts, but also offers a command palette. I like the configurability, even though I'm sure I'm not squeezing even 50% our if it. Magit is cool, there's no better git integration IMO.


Github integration is nice!
How is it in terms of general workflow? is it good with suggesting variable names, html tags and etc?


It's good enough for me, but I'm mostly work with Ruby, so the bar is not set very high ;) For sure it works great with Elixir too. And I don't really use it at large scale for other languages.

ok i wanted to start learning elixir actually, so ill give spacemacs a try!


How is it compared to vim.
Ps. I don't intent to start the war, just curious as vim was had for me to get used to, and i don't know anything about spacemacs or emacs


My problem with Vim was always that you start from scratch and you need to build your own IDE from zero. Unlike with actual programming, I don't like that with tooling. Spacemacs gives me solid and out-of-the-box working defaults which are a bit bloated of course, but then I can gradually cut off things and configure others to my liking. Now, I know there's SpaceVIM nowadays, but it wasn't available (or I just didn't know that) when I picked Spacemacs. Otherwise I'd probably end up using it.

I still use Vim for editing single files and other ad hoc tasks though.

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