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I'm a huge fan of Semantic UI not because of class naming but for how beautifully it looks by default (since I'm no designer, it's important to me). So, I'm willing to ignore problems with installation. The only problem I see is that there is no recommended way how to keep Sematic UI in your repository - should I keep it's files in separate one and put built bundles in my project's assets? Or do I include all the huge codebase of Semantic in my projects repo? They could finally figure it out ;)

That being said, I might give Bulma a go in a project I'm starting right now. It looks like the thing I need - just cool CSS defaults without overly complex javascript part. So thanks for pointing me in its direction (I actually haven't heard of it before).


I completely agree with the missing folder structure recommendation. I think when they originally did it they tried to make it as flexible as possible but there's no good reason for that, it just adds complexity. What's wrong with it belonging in node_modules like everything else and customisation the theme etc through your own code.

Definitely give Bulma a try and come back and let us all know how you got on

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