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Discussion on: A URL Shortener Service using Go, Iris and Bolt

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Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos Author

Hello, I am glad you liked it!

About your comments, I am honesty believe that you are one of those people that don't really want to deflame Iris, you just fell into a scam in the middle of a personal attack. When you have time, Check the repo by yourself, including the history, the prs and the code and write down your results, please.

Also, check out one of my newest projects, Iris depends on that for its routing:, I am waiting for your feedback if you really care so much about my development process.

Another good article to read is the "top 6 web frameworks for go" by


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Jonathan Nicholas

Thanks for clarifying.

I got sucked into the Reddit flaming, and I'm sorry for it.