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This really hit home with me! I'm in a similar situation – graduated with a BFA, now doing web dev. There are days when that art degree feels useless – when I feel like I wasted time on it and I wish I could go back in time and study comp sci instead. I try to remind myself that my design education gives me a unique perspective and set of skills that other devs may not have. While not having a formal education in my current field definitely has drawbacks...it does have some perks as well, and this article did a great job of identifying some of those perks. Thanks for the reminder :)


Oh man, I totally feel you on that - my dad is a software engineer, and he pokes fun at me sometimes for getting an art degree... then following in his footsteps anyway 😬Sometimes I wish I'd studied comp sci, but I figure we can always learn more! Then, we'll have the combined benefits of our artistic experience and computer knowledge 💥


(apologies for the excessive excitement, I've just had my morning coffee 😅)

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