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re: Nice work! The hero section is really nicely done. I wish I was attractive (and/or confident) enough to put my face up on my site. Your stats sec...

Thanks so much for this Drew. If it's any consolation, I'm only confident enough to put up 50% of my face on the site (or my whole face in a very, very tiny circle 😂).

Your feedback is spot on. I'd already done a little compression but looking at my Google Lighthouse scores, it would appear they need some more attention. Same goes for my alt tags. Need to make sure I'm doing it for all, not some.

As for SEO, this is the one thing I've been unsure how to improve. What would you suggest?

From one nit-picker to another, thank you so much! 😊


Start simple. Adding the <meta name=description> tag to the head of your page will be a huge help.

Getting a little more complex would be adding a robot.txt to your root so crawlers can index your page properly.

Perfect. I'll do this and then see if I can't do some digging to really bump it up some more. Always good to learn new things! Thank you Drew.

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