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Discussion on: Jamstack Conf takeaways and Hopin thoughts

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Katie Author

Oooooh! Got any screenshots yet?

I think the "most visual" competitor I've seen yet is TinaCMS, but I don't like that I have to edit my site's source code to use it.

Stackbit looks interesting, but I can't tell if they'll be affordable for small-but-complex sites when they finally go into production. They're still in open beta.

I just learned that Netlify CMS can be tinkered with to use the components of an MDX-based site to render previews of the content next to traditional "data entry boxes."

Sanity CMS has a similar concept, but I'm not yet sure exactly how you do it without having to copy/paste a bunch of React components between your site's source code and your Sanity Studio's source code.

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Oh yes, I think it is probably closest visually to Tina. I have a couple of quick video demos here.

I just realised I should clarify that blux is not just a CMS but a framework (like Next) in its own right. So might not be what you're looking for. It's even harder to plug-in to an existing codebase than Tina. The aim is to lay out a foundation for developers to create their own content "blocks" with unique CMS UI & behaviour. A lot of the ways blux has been built from the bottom-up, is to meet a couple of principles. #1 is for the site manager to have a very intuitive flowy editing experience. #2 is to be able to host the CMS on Heroku.

All these solutions are fascinating. There's so many and they're all evolving so fast, it'll be very interesting to see where they go over the next few years. And it's so funny that meanwhile the vast majority is still using wordpress for now!

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Katie Author

First video link sent me to a SXSW movie, but 2nd looked cool. :)

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