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Build a real-time todos app with Auth and DB in minutes⏰

Check out this video to see how I built a todos app using React rocketgraph with authentication, PostgresDB and GraphQL API. Check out the docs on Github

Think of Rocketgraph as a complete backend.

The grand vision is to integrate authentication to as many databases as possible and to isolate the key components of back-end systems and to package it into a single service.


Rocketgraph comes with:

  1. Authentication: email/password, social login. Magic link and MFA coming soon.

  2. GraphQL API: A Hasura console is provided that GraphQL(ises) Postgres database. So there is no vendor lock-in like Firebase. You can move away when you want to.

  3. Postgres DB: An 8GB postgres DB is provided to you pre-configured

  4. Serverless functions: Whatever extra functionality you want for your app can be coded here. You just need to connect your Github repo and we compile every push to master as an AWS Lambda function.

  5. SDKs to get you started. Plus lots of examples and starter kits.

Plus it's open-source.

I will soon be integrating AWS Appsync + Cognito (configuring and maintaining AWS is super hard. We do it for you) Soon be support for Stripe Payments. If you have a product in the DB, you can connect your stripe and payments and invoices will be taken care of.

So as you can see I am trying to build an all in one back-end service to resolve some of the most common pain points in configuring and managing the most used systems in the world (AWS, Stripe, GraphQL etc)

Inside look

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