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re: You need a backend but there are a hell of a lot of good easy options.

Any recommendations? 🙃


Yes! Postgrest 🔥, Hasura, Sanity.io, plain Postgres with plain node with plain graphql (super powerful combo with endless power). Firebase is amazing for scaffolding a real set of users immediately with its build in auth and you can combine it with options above easily to get the best of both worlds.

lol, hidden power?

Yes doing things in super plain ways is hidden power because your ability to express a system goes unexpectedly way up. You say what you mean and that is good power.

Yes, you're right.

Loved your post. I think a lot about those same things when I think about front end vs backend, nice to hear that others do too.


I think, it's important to know why you need something, so I though, let's start with the question why you'd need a backend before you ask how it should look like.

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