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Discussion on: Screw Your Passion

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K (he/him)

Haha, this reminds me of myself :D

I guess that's why I'm self employed and non-monogamous.

And being curious can be a passion too.

I mean, sure to have some kind of career you need a bit of grit to get one of those many interesting things on a professional skill level, but the rest can be on a basic level.

At the moment I take many online courses, just because.

Amazon Web Services, business strategy, game development, online marketing, etc. pp.

In some things I go deeper, in some I just want to be good enough that I don't make the common errors.

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Patrick God Author

This sounds great. You know, this reminds me of being a child actually. Being a child that is just curious and eager to learn anything that comes to mind. A habit or behavior we definitely forget to early in our lives and we should get it back.

Too often we try to learn or do things that in some way make us "successful" - whatever that means.

And doing something just for fun seems to be a waste of time. At least many many resources on the web want to tell us that.

So, please, do more courses, learn more, I'm sure you won't regret it.