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Hmmm...interesting. This looks rather promising.

Some observations:

I know, I am nick-picking. But I feel like they add unnecessary noise. And also ${}. :(

One reason I love JSX is due to its simplicity. I'm using psuedo-HTML but feels right. I like its simplicity and elegance. It's much less noisy than adding ng-* for sure. JSX is the reason why I enjoyed playing around with React far more than Angular.

Not a big deal? In small projects, it's not. But when you have a huge code base maintained by multiple devs, code readability (and simplicity) is king.

I'd love to know your opinion on TSX :)

I totally agree with your comment about JSX and its simplicity and the unnecessary noise that the t7 syntax would add affecting the readability :)

Although it's always nice to have options I think I'll stick with JSX for now

I use t7 only for some POCs where stuff runs in-browser.

React Hpyerscript Helpers are also a nice alternative, with less visual clutter.

I like TypeScript very much, but I have the feeling that FB will push Flow or ReasonML much harder in the future, so I don't know if TS(X) can guarantee the same dev experience in the future, especially for things like React-Native.

On the other hand is MS embracing RN with ReactXP, so who knows :D

The backticks and ${} syntax are natively part of ES2015, defined as 'template literals'. t7 uses these so that you don't need to use an additional preprocessor/transpiler

Ah, now that makes sense.

I suppose it's a trade off at end of day. Thanks Marco for your clarification.

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