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Discussion on: Jack Of All Trades or Master of One?

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Kevin Ball

I like the concept of a "T-shaped person" (originally I think from IDEO) with the concept that you want to have an area that you specialize in and have some depth, but then also a lot of breadth.

Certainly don't stop learning new things, but pick at least one thing to dive a bit deeper on. Going deep on a subject will not only provide you with a counter to the 'lack of expertise' argument/concern, but also will actually help you in learning many of your 'breadth' items better.

When it comes to web development in particular, because there's so many things going on, there is a tendency to get overwhelmed...feel like you have to learn frontend AND backend, and not only that, you need to learn React AND Vue AND Angular, plus node AND python AND whateverall else.

If you try to learn all at once, it is much harder to get to the point where you understand the bigger picture concerns or how things all fit together. On the other hand, if you pick one to dive deeper on, and use that as a mechanism for learning bigger picture concepts, you will then be able to later apply those bigger picture concepts to many things as you add breadth.

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Katie Adams Author • Edited

The notion that picking a specialisation will help me improve my 'breadth' items better is fab, and not one I'd considered :O And using that to then understand the 'bigger picture' of something like web development is just brill advice too