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Here are my notes and my questions I am asking on every interview I have. Hope you will find them useful.



I used some of these in my latest interview. Thanks. And the tips of Lynne were great too. Apparently, as the interview went well.


Nice list, one I always ask,

  • Can I participate on/run side projects?

Also I like to clarify posibilities to bring in hobby projects if the company can benefit from it, and how the reward will be.
In one case they said that what I do in my spare time on computers, are theirs, and no reward on the other end - which I think they would have a legal problem with since it is my time off, not theirs. Needless to say, I turned down the offer :)

You should be a bit careful with that question though, if the potential future employer thinks that you are doing competing activities, there can be big problems down the road.

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