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re: Nice project (i mean it). Bulma, Buefy is not an option as a default UI Kit? Flexbox (Bulma, Buefy are built on top) is quite trendy, and for me...

Hi Sm0ke !

I'll check Buefy ;) If it's lightweight I'll consider adding it to bento-starter ;)

Thanks for your interest ! :D


Regarding your performance concern. I did some tests using bulma bundled with Gatsby & Nuxt. .. #nocomment from me regarding the speed:

nuxt-buefy - Lighthouse score > 90 - test

gatsby-bulma - Lighthouse score - 100 - test

Bulma, it's something IMHO :)

Great examples! You do have persuasion skills :)

Although the Gatsby icon being 21KB is unacceptable! You could compress it by at least 50%. Fifty percent!

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