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re: Hello I'm a beginner in front end web development What's a best piece of advice you would give to me

Hey Shivanand,

I think the best advice is to start small and build up. Play to your strengths and how you like to learn and don't overwhelm yourself.

I see too many new developers become desperate to learn every single thing out there; they do a million courses and videos, and they're simultaneously trying to master HTML, CSS, JS and then bounce straight into Vue, React, and start slapping back end things in there and databases.

Focus on the basics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Find one or maybe two different courses that you like and stick with them.

I always recommend Free Code Camp to people because it's free, it's well structured and you'll get a well-recognised certification at the end of it.

Oh, and like any skill, you have to practice! If you're learning about HTML forms, build a couple outside of the lesson and see how you can adapt them. If you're learning about Promises in JS, try building a few different mini-apps that use them.


Thanks very much for such an amazing answer ❤️

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