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Discussion on: Senior front end dev here, ask me anything!

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Rob Kendal {{☕}} Ask Me Anything

Firstly, if you're into puns then you're missing a trick by not using 'Ebra-cadabra' — you're welcome!

But seriously, it looks like you have a lot to offer and some great experience under your belt. I'd start building up your linked in network, reaching out to recruiters. They're a vital (if sometimes necessary evil) in the market place and they're especially useful to help less experienced or junior developers get foots in doors of places that might otherwise be closed.

Work on a succinct CV that highlights what you're about and your achievements, rather than just a list of 'worked with technology x' or 'built thing with React'. And then you can also try to approach companies directly, especially if they're smaller, you may have more luck with responses.