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I highly prefer dark themes over bright ones to the point that the first thing I do upon using any new site, app, etc. is to toggle it on. Personally, I find dark themes to be easier on my eyes especially when I'm staring at code all day long where else the typical bright white color gives me a headache. I also tend to browse the internet in low-light right before bed so the dark themes help me to relax. Adding on to that, I'll often avoid visiting certain sites altogether because they're too bright or I can't easily turn on the dark theme causing me to leave in frustration. Luckily for me, it seems as though dark themes or 'night modes' are becoming more common place on the web such as on YouTube or Reddit. From a user's perspective, I really appreciate being given this option even if my choices are limited to just light vs dark. As someone getting in to web development, I also appreciate it cause I think dark themes just look a whole lot cooler in addition to them being easier on my eyes.


good point Alexander. I too have brightness set to 60% at all times.(it's easier on the eyes 👀)

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