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Discussion on: An Introduction to the Server and the Client

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Ken Flake

Ang lupet!

This is some really good text content with helpful visual aids. None of which you can probably see in your typical college textbook 😅 Thanks for this!

My suggestion is to put some actual code on the side while doing a request and receiving a response, e.g., a React component requesting via axios to a server like Laravel/Spring/Django etc.

This way, many beginner and confused web devs can finally wrap their head around this, given your very helpful visual aids.

But since this is an introduction, this is perfectly okay and maybe this is not even part of the scope.

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Basti Ortiz Author

Thank you! I appreciate your suggestion. I really intended the series to be a language-agnostic, high-level overview across the many sub-disciplines of web development. I might include code sample every now and then, but I probably won't delve too deep into it.