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Discussion on: An Introduction to the Server and the Client

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Ken Flake

Also, I would like to clarify something in this portion:

"the browser is the client because it is the one truly performing the network requests."
"The real heavy-lifting is done by the browser, therefore the browser is the real client."

As another suggestion, You might want to add a follow up in this statement, clarifying that the browser is "not the only" client available to use.

A server can also be technically a client if it wants to request something to another server.

This is just in my experience because I also thought at first that browsers / mobile apps are the only one who can become the client. It kinda confused me when I was a noob.

I think it's nice to add this up especially for those starting to wrap their head around the client <-> server fundamentals. β˜ΊοΈπŸ™

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Basti Ortiz Author

Oh, yes, of course! You are definitely right about this. I actually debated within myself whether I should mention that, but then I figured that for the sake of simplicity, I should probably save that detail for a future discussion.