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Discussion on: In Pursuit of PostgreSQL Performance

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Ken Whitesell Author

Quick question on the logistics for this - the query is about 25K, and the explains are about 150K. Do you want these included in-line text within the email, as attachments, zip attached, or ??? (I don't want to spam the list or create problems for anyone, and I don't see anything in either or that seems to address issues with this much information to supply - my apologies if it's there and I've just missed it.)
I do see the reference to, I can see where that will help...

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Tomas Vondra

Definitely as attachments, not in-line - the clients sometimes wrap / reflow the lines, making it impossible to read (particularly for such long queries / explains). Compressing it won't hurt, of course, although I'm pretty sure it'll be compressed during transfer anyway. is an option too, and I've been recommending that in the past, but that only really addresses the explain plan, not the queries. So just send it as attachements, and the readers can always copy it into if they wish.