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Discussion on: Why to use React if HTML/CSS/JS works fine?

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One thing that we can be sure of is that: its not about the user (or user experience)

To the user all matters is that, things should look familiar and do familiar things on interaction.

So its all about the dev's convenience. Why spend time doing things that have been done before? Why take time to build abstractions ourselves?

And its not necessarily a bad thing. By not wasting time doing stuff thats been done, they can spend more time doing what really matters; that is, appease the user. (In theory, at least)

As for the benefits that frameworks give over vanilla webdev... its easier to just head over to their website.

At least, when it comes to coding practices and code maintainence and readability, the tool itself isnt much a problem (unless the tool is named PHP, then it can suck my a$$). ahem Every language and tool has a set of idioms and best practices defined for it. So, if readability and practices is a concern, its mostly a matter of preference.

Disclaimer: i have never used a framework myself, i have only ever used vanillaJS

Aside: i have a simple shooter game in JS that uses vanillaJS only (duh). No framework or external library.