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Discussion on: The Password Struggle

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mlaj • Edited on

"SQRL (pronounced "squirrel")[3] or Secure, Quick, Reliable Login (formerly Secure QR Login) is a draft open standard for secure website login and authentication. The software typically uses a link of the scheme sqrl:// or optionally a QR code, where a user identifies via a pseudonymous zero-knowledge proof rather than providing a user ID and password. This method is thought to be impervious to a brute force password attack or data breach."

It's like 2FA mixed with OAUTH on steroids for everything, without a third party.

Basically you have to have the app/software on your device to be able to use it. You only need to remember your master password, and theoretically any other login would be made using SQRL.
The inventor also added a few different ways to get your account back if it gets hacked or stolen.

A good idea on the surface, but the main problem is that it needs to be used almost everywhere for it to be worth it. Still a very good idea tho.