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Your "Creative software support" section seems ... interesting?

What exactly is the argument you are making here?
Why is macOS the "perfect choice"?
Can you elaborate on the "programming on it can be quite troublesome"?
Is it a performance issue? Is it a usability issue? What metrics are you comparing?
How exactly is creative software support limited on Windows and Linx? Are you saying graphical applications from Adobe et al lack support on Windows and Linux? In what way? What were the difficulties you experienced on Windows and Linux to conclude that macOS is better?

As for your section on Multiple browsers support, are you saying that the only reason macOS is better is because of the availability of Safari? What about the small percentage of users who still use Internet Explorer? Would using something like Browserstack solve browser testing issues regardless of the operating system you are on?

I use a MacBook Pro at work, and these reasons are hardly the reasons why I would choose it. The biggest advantage for me is macOS's amazing ability to manage full-screen workspaces among multiple monitors. Otherwise, I can make do with Linux or Windows.

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