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Discussion on: Stop making responsive websites the hard way!

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Kevin Powell Author

When I zoom in and out, the font-size doesn't change, which tends to be the issue with setting fonts with VW. In general, someone's going to zoom because they find the text too small.

I have a 27" monitor, but my browser is never the full size. When I first visited, the font-size was actually really small for me, with the small text under the image on the right pretty much unreadable. If I went full-screen, it was nice and big and very nice, but I think most people would zoom in before adjusting the width of the browser to change the font-size. (if I made my window a little smaller, it seems to hit a breakpoint and the fonts got a little bigger, which helped).

Must say, the line-height was great though, definitely wrong on that front.

You might be really interested in using clamp() in setting sizes. Allows for a minimum, maximum, and "ideal". Browser support isn't perfect yet, but it's getting better!

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Eric Schwarz

Any chance I could get a screenshot? I never use my browser except in full screen. I do all my work from a small laptop. I bet if I added in minium px to the break over point I should fix the small font issue.

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