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Discussion on: 8 Landing Page Tips from Rob Hope

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Zane Milakovic

Sounds like you got some really great feedback.

I agree that you can totally lean into the personality (coloring, font selection) and the theme (duck) more.

I think you need a testimonial at the top that speaks to the statement you just made justifying the book. It’s almost like validating you’re claim. So I think the choice is really important.

Given years of experience, those not familiar with you will need more convincing. Those already in your audience will need a lot less. So the other question would be are you marketing to your audience you already have, or are you trying to grow it.

One thing you could do is make it contextual. Places where you have a following like twitter, have it speak more to the audience you already have.

Places with more organic discovery like product hunt, hacker news, maybe even blogs and podcast notes, speak to people less familiar with you and strengthen your image as a tech leader.

Basic A/B on a query param would be an example if you can do it as CDN level. Not sure you host, but putting a cloud flare worker would also let you edit copy in flight.

I would avoid client side A/B personally if possible. Depends on the amount of engineering.

Alternate would be to make different landing pages for different audiences.

  • the boot camp grad for after they land there job
  • professional looking to get more exposure
  • etc

And surface chapters, testimonials and example that help convince them they need this book.