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Discussion on: Better TypeScript... With JavaScript

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Zane Milakovic

Yeah you are spot on with the bundle size. But this will vary based on use case. The larger the app, the more calls for validation, more setup, and most importantly the JS evaluate time. That is actually my bigger concern.

We have a fairly small bundle, but we’re finding that it was taking almost 2 seconds on budget phones to evaluate.

Sorry I don’t remember the number, this was a year ago. But it actually caused us to replatform our whole app. A sizable amount of our users live with bad devices and poor bandwidth. So for us it made sense.

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Yeah - good points. I don't mean to imply that bundle size or runtime aren't valid concerns. It's just that in the vast majority of "modern" apps, assumed to be running on "modern" devices, the overhead to bundle this one (small) code file, and then to run it on entry into each function, is wafer thin.

But obviously, in some scenarios, with some teams, and on some apps, those are absolutely valid concerns. I just laugh sometimes because I've seen too many cases where a JS dev is fretting over whether he should add another 5 KB to a bundle - on an app, that's running in a heavily-marketed site, in which all the other corporate influences have already chunked many megabytes worth of graphics, trackers, video, iframes, etc.