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Discussion on: I'm Going Back to being a DEV Community Member

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Zane Milakovic

I just found this article randomly and started to read the comments.

As a people leader in technology at my day job, I have to say the exchange here by both Ali and the DEV that worked with her is amazing.

A lot of time we think about the company, the project, the sprint, and we forget about the people. Or I should say, I observe this to no end in corporate environments. I often find that I am in situations to defend these type of actions and try and change mind sets.

People are important. Period. Mental health is important. Period. And we should be supporting our people, even if that means they are no longer supporting us.

It is brave to make this change, my hat is off to you Ali. I am curious where you landed after making this decision. Did you ever write a follow up?

My hat is off to the DEV team for the public response, and the professionalism and humanity in it. Please keep leading my example.

I have really enjoyed being part of this community.