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re: Svelte Needs A Virtual DOM VIEW POST

re: Sorry to differ it does handle more scenarios. One of them is, it compares the dom and then updates. A read is much faster than the write as write ...

Your missing my point.

It does not matter the library does more work. What matters is the speed for the user. It’s great they do that. But you are downloading a much larger bundle size to get that benefit. And in 95 percent of SPA sites, it’s not needed.

When we talk about performance, we have a habit of saying “this is faster” or “this updates more elements” or “it’s smarter about how it does it”.

The reality is, touching the DOM is not bad. And in most cases the added benefit of a virtual DOM is not felt. And Svelte performance actually shows its faster without the virtual DOM than react is with it.

This will keep going back and forth as both libraries keep optimizing. The big thing here, is to understand that a virtual dom is not a requirement for a fast experience. And the cost of it, is a larger bundle size.

When you remove the developer experience, and your look at the performance realistically (perception and what is needed) your left with bundle size. And react can’t touch svelte on that.

The whole point is updating the Dom is 100% slower. Please have a look at the results here,

Ok at this point your not really reading or consuming other viewpoints.

Tests I have seen that are not yours have shown otherwise, but please read everything else I said about performance.

I would also say the same, you are not reading all the points that I say.

Yes svelte is a lot better for not complex apps.

If you say 95% of the websites don't need that, we must see most percent of websites are wordpress without a thought on optimization.

Anyway, please have a look at this.

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