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Discussion on: Will you write code after you retire? How will your relationship with our craft change?

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Zane Milakovic

100 percent I will.

I see myself going two different ways.

  1. Learn something I would not of done in my professional career. most likely a older technology at the time that has always interested me.

  2. Stop chasing the new and best practices. I have already been doing this for 18 years. When I retire, this is the biggest source of burn out to some degree, as well as excitement. It may be nice to pick a stack I am happy with and just focus on creation. Specifically honing some design skills I am weak in.

I have always wanted to make a interactive children’s book for my kids. I think at this point in time, if I didn’t do it already, it would be for my grandkids. Art is what keeps me from doing it today.

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My granddaughter LOVES Roblox, which is interactive gaming versus an interactive book. She's an only child, so she ends up at G&G house pretty often. She likes me to play as a separate character, someone who she can use to pick up when she wants to "take the wheel" and cart me around. The games are ok, about right for her age (7), but I am not sure what to make of them as they promote interacting with others (pick up/be picked up, invited to a party, etc.), but, thankfully, my granddaughter has been warned about "getting scammed" so she is happy when she has someone else, like me and grandma, to interact with. I realize that Roblox has a programming side to it that can be learned, along with a designer studio. If you spend a lot of time you could possibly make a game that could be monetized, but I think it would be neat just to create a game that would help children learn some kind of life skill. And Quinn would be all over it, she already wants to create Cat Mania and is a pretty good at drawing cat cartoons. I just don't know if I want to immerse myself in learning the platform because time becomes way more precious as you get older.