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Discussion on: Don't sacrifice user experience for a better developer experience

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Zane Milakovic

When I read your title, I thought it was a slightly different audience.

I feel your right, but I am not a mobile app developer. But I see the same pain on websites. We choose frameworks and libraries to make our lives easier, blissfully unaware that we made the users lives worse. It’s great you can pull in a component you needed and didn’t have to build it. But what was the cost? Was it a small as it could be? Did it pull in all of lodash. Does it allow tree shaking so the whole component library is not bundled? Are y our your tools setup correct to optimize it?

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Justin Mancinelli Author

I did hope the general point would resonate with non-mobile devs, too. Do keep in mind that Flutter trying to find its way into web development and Kotlin has been able to output JavaScript since well before it output native code. Mobile and web development are converging and each tool has it's pros and cons (including Wasm which will run on non-web platforms, too). As you correctly noticed, my worry is we'll put too much focus on "look how easy it is to build something for all platforms" and forget about the user's experience.

You make some great points about the size, the tooling like tree-shaking steps, and how it interacts with other things you already have. Thank you!