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Discussion on: 5 optimizations to make your page run faster

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Zane Milakovic

Really great write up. I didn’t know about the chrome coverage panel, that is amazing!

You are dead write on all of this. One of my biggest concerns about the future of the web is the push to put html, css into JS.

I do server side render it if I use react, vue, or svelte. But the big issue for me is that none of the libraries break out what needs to be hydrated vs what does not need to be.

So say you have a static header, with no interaction besides anchor tags. All frameworks will make that header a member of the virtual dom, or a JavaScript template in Svelte case.

This means the users bundle got larger, but when they loaded the server side rendered page, they didn’t need that piece anymore.

You can async defer the bundle. But now you risk blocking resources you actually need in most frameworks.

Love the write up Julian . We need more performance focus. Can’t wait to check out your product.