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Discussion on: Blogs are harmful and we are learning wrongly!

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Zane Milakovic

I understand your frustration and your point. But the internet is a free place, and one of the best ways to get better at writing is to post on a blog.

I could make these same arguments about forums, Reddit, stack overflow. Even when you get paid writers, a lot of times it’s from a companies blog that has a bias.

I am not sure advocating like this makes sense, as much as educating what makes a good/bad article and why you should/should not trust it. Just like when you are researching for a paper in school, you should of been taught about sources, credibility, etc.

I think one thing that is great about communities like is the fact we can have a discussion. Blogs enable that, if the readers can participate and that user base is high enough.

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giongto35 Author

You made a great point on the free of the internet. I think the root of blog is still the place for people to share their thoughts. We can just write blog just to share thoughts and don't need any audience. The readers need to be wise and selective :( but it's hard and I haven't reached that as well.