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In 99% of cases, Marketing and Sales team always forget this...

I came across a term today "Smarketing" from a techonology/saas provider/company.

I know the point here is that they are talking solely about Marketing and Sales, however, nowhere in their document (at all) could I find any reference to their technology or how their "smarketing" team(s) communicate with their IT department.

Why, oh why, do marketing and sales always leave out the tech teams, when it is the products that these teams develop, are getting sold by "smarketing"

Do they forget that there can be no sales, and there can be no marketing without the existance of the technology or IT department involved? Do they forget that it is the features and the funtionality that the tech teams develop, that brings value to the products that are "smarketed"? Or do they really believe that the product owners are only sales or marketing staff?

I've experinced firsthand on more than one occasion, being pitched a product, and that when asked any question about how it works, the "smarketing" is at a loss and typically did not know how it would fit our needs or requirements. This could be solved if they actually involve their tech teams into their knowledge base.

Good luck with "smarketing" is all I can say. Sure you can sell today where it doesn't matter, but when it comes down to the longevity of operations, I'm sure it will be a painful process for those in marketing and sales trying to follow this principle of "smarketing" when asked any questions about the product.

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