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Hey Jacob,

Thanks for posting this. I found myself relating to this a lot. I'd just like to introduce the point of a career goal.

To give a background, I was not a computer science student ever. But I did morph into a data scientist and subsequently into a PM. Personally I began developing to account for a Dev shortfall and also because I loved to code. Years later when I look back somewhere along the line I streamlined my scattered approach to learning by narrowing it down with a career goal. What do I really want from work in general. And then I began streamlining my learning curve so that I could ship POCs/features fast. My end game is to definitely build something in the tech space. But I'd rather not clutter my head with stuff I could hire someone to do. Hence for me, from the point of view of coding, it's a mix of being a specialist and a generalist.

This may vary as per the individuals career/life aspirations.

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