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Discussion on: How do you feel about activity monitoring tools and other workplace surveillance practices? 🔒

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Michael R. • Edited

Spent 6 years with the DOD. They actively monitor all network traffic involving access to government platforms including terminal endpoints and browsing history, for obvious reasons.

But we knew this and used common sense to just look certain things up our phones instead of the desktops.

We also had a state-of-the-art security system with HD cameras running 24/7 and a live feed from each position.

But the cameras were for perimeter security, and unless you were just spending a ridiculous amount of time goofing off, no one even checked the cams to make sure you were working.

So I think these types of monitoring systems can/do exist for security purposes as long as they are not misused to spy on employees.

In situations like this, using common sense can prevent nearly all unfavorable encounters.

But if management is hell-bent on micro-management, then the workplace rapidly spirals into fear and toxicity.

And in this case, any system, targeted or otherwise, will be used and misused against the employees, regardless of the original intent.

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Anastasia 🏄🏻‍♀️ Author • Edited

Yes, I agree with you!

Thank you for sharing, Michael!