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Discussion on: Have you ever tried any JetBrains product?

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Peter Kin

I use WebStorm for frontend for work and also for personal projects every day. I changed from VSCode almost a year ago, and now I believe I'd never go back. I just love all the integrated tools and functionalities that come with it out of the box. Actually I never had any performance issues like others said before me - although that's a fact it eats more RAM than probably anything :) Yes, it's a paid product but one of the cheapest along all JetBrains IDEs. My company pays it now, but I'm sure I'd buy it also if that would be the case.

Also not long ago I started to learn Unity, for which I find Rider better than Visual Studio. Since I already familiar with WebStorm I found my way around Rider quite easily, and I realized it gives more support for Unity specific code than VS. I'm thinking about refactoring tools, code completion and performance tips too.

After feeling comfortable in two of the JetBrains IDEs, I find it very easy to get up to speed with any of the others - as occasionally I use IDEA Community and Android Studio as well.

Getting back to the price, you can find some of the IDEs have Community versions which are all free. IMO the WebStorm plan is not too bad, it definitely worth its price. Unfortunately Rider is quite expensive, and since for me it's just for hobby, for now I just jump from EAP to EAP version for the "legally" free "extendable" trial periods, and hope that there will be a new one released before the current one expires :)