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Discussion on: Getting Started with SeleniumBase for Test Automation

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Tatyana K

Hi Michael, thank you for prompt reply.

Let me ask more specifically.

When instructions say 'Run pytest ... command' where do we run this from exactly? Let's take Windows, is there an IDE this is run from? Or just from the Command Prompt?

Also, let's assume there is absolutely nothing installed on the machine to use SeleniumBase, so what does a relatively technical team needs to have installed on the machines to be up and running?

  1. Python
  2. Pytest?
  3. Pip?
  4. IDE for test development, which one would you recommend? PyCharm? Any other?

Is there other prerequisites? Like doing installations under a local admin account? Folder permissions?

Apologies if this is covered in documentation later on, we're a bit stuck at the beginning, not sure where to run the commands from and if all the prerequisites are met.


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Michael Mintz Author

Hi Tatyana, you can run that from any command prompt where Python is installed. When you install Python, it should automatically install pip for you, which is used to install Python packages in your Python virtual environment, which you can setup from the command prompt. You can use a bash shell, Mac terminal, DOS prompt, or any other shell. It should be easy once Python is installed, which may already come with the command prompt you use. From the Python virtual environment, you probably won’t need to worry about permissions, but you may need some admin access (for chromedriver, etc).