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re: Not sure to what degree this is intended as a joke.

Yep, he is just talking about the stack. Don't see at which moment you get offended tho.


Not offended at all, just not sure whether to interpret as a joke: here's a new "stack" but it's really just using things people are already using. Like if I said "here's a new VR game" but it's really just going outside.

Or if it really is a new way of looking at something that exists, like taking "best practices" from some set of what people are already doing, while giving guidelines to avoid some of the pitfalls.

Not sure if 1/2 years ago, people were into this stack. Now it's kinda popular and people get a lot of stuff around that makes it viable: headlessCMS, easy to deploy platforms, more enthusiasm towards PWAs, simplified universal/SSR (not only SPAs) etc...

A lot of tech is released daily in the JS world. But all of it do not always last.
But here, the JAM stack is kinda welcome by a lot of people and will probably last. I mean, it's like GraphQL, it wasn't released a week ago but it's still considered as 'new' because it get past that initial hype train.

I think what he's saying, and I second it, is that there is nothing, not a thing, new here. Unless you're excited about generating static pages ahead of time. As far as "there's no db to query". Excuse me, if you're using an API, there's dbs being queried. And how much utility is there in using only 3rd party APIs? If you're doing something real, then you're writing the API, so you do all the server stuff. This architecture is known as client-server, it's been around a long time.

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