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Kit Plummer

I've found that Google can be used for good. :D

Nic, I think your point about "reliance" is spot on. I don't necessarily think it's bad to use "search" as an extension of our memory. However, it is critically important for us problem-solvers to evaluate that memory for various things. Obviously it's easy to search and find a solution - e.g. a library that provides the functionality we need. We just need to keep going and be concerned with it to some level of depth that makes sense.

I personally struggle with the depth problem a bit. I get super-focused on the problem I'm actually trying to solve and don't always due the diligence required to prevent becoming dependent on external sources of functionality that may not be good.

I've been working on "Trust but Verify" - to think a bit more critically about search results (whether at Google or Github). But man isn't StackOverflow a savior more often than not?

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Chris Achard

But man isn't StackOverflow a savior more often than not?

Absolutely :) sooo many hours saved by just googling for the answer to some problem I'm having (using configuration issues! soooo annoying!) and finding a great SO answer :)