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I think I am more of a mender, but I'm unsure. Maybe 60% mender 40% maker?
I love refactoring old code and making it beautiful and performant. I definitely enjoy the challenge of figuring out reasons for weird bugs no one understands, and I would definitely say that I'm the tortoise with bursts of speed.

But, on the other end, I like toying with new stuff, learning new languages and approaches. I bore quite easily, so I don't like to be stuck with the same project and technology for a very long time.

What I really suck at is getting to an MVP, I'm unable to rapidly go from zero to a working application because I lose a lot of time trying to find the best technology/configuration/approach. That's why I see myself more as a mender.

About micromanagement: it happened to me once to have someone give me single tasks without giving me the whole picture. I spent more time waiting for the next task than actually doing work, and not being in control of the quality of the overall project was quite frustrating!

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