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You really have to ask yourself, why do I want to freelance? If money is the only reason to freelance, you'd be better off asking for a raise or looking for another job. Freelancing is not just a "side gig", it take times and effort to get out there. You will spend the majority of your time prospecting vs developing.

I agree with Defman burnout is a risk, but you could start with part time freelancing to test the waters. Or like Ben suggested, scale back your full time job. Like I mentioned earlier start with asking yourself why.

That being said, there are a lot of resources out there to get you started on your freelancing journey. Good luck fellow Dev!


I won't lie: money is one of the first reasons... today. But there are more reasons, especially in the "long" run. Making a reputation/name and improving my skills are some of these reasons.

Of course the idea is to test the waters first, I don't plan on going head first into that, that's why I'm trying to gather opinions (and feedback) on this. As of today I still have no concrete immediate plan.

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