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For number 2 I can spot a bad project from a mile away but I dont get much choice in what project I get to do. 😭😂 Haha.. oh if only. Like if structure really kills a project. I stayed on a bad project out of choice to learn. It was so useful what I have learned, but now I am on a new project that is also bad ; I will be finding out soon for my self how plausible it is for me to continue on this bad project. Even today I learned people have tried to do this project many times. Anyway as I usually say only time and tomorrow can tell unfortunately haha 😪. If it is true I will make a case for me to get off it.

As for how bad a defect is ? I fail miserably to tell ! I can tell if a defect will take a certain amount of time now but I feel like I should be doubling it for more tricky ones..

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