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Discussion on: 5 Things No One Tells You About Going to a Coding BootCamp

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theodoros klikas

I think that one major point this article makes is self learning. You speak about searching for resources, reading books, participating in a community etc.
The bootcamp in itself won't make you more employable than an intern - I am struggling to believe that someone in 3 months of bootcamp training can have equal value with someone with 4-5 years in engineering studies.
Having said that, someone in a bootcamp with passion for it and willingness to go above and beyond it and seek resources, read at home, interact with like-minded people may find that they can learn A LOT in those 3 months and continue their learning after it and until they land a job.
On the other hand, someone that spends 4-5 years in engineering studies but is unwilling to pursue knowledge, will just complete the degree at some point because they have to and not be valuable in the workplace necessarily.
So - to me - the key is passion and willingness to do something. If this exists, the bootcamp may accelerate the path to it.