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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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venkatesh k

Thanks for writing this @mydrax. I even started feeling the same for the past month or so. I will list the issues I face a lot below:

  • I don't follow python, but follow web dev. I see posts like "Create a web service in 5 mins with flask"
  • My Awesome VSCode setup ranges from 10-50 extensions

Probably, what we could do was curate the beginner tagged resources so that the content which is already there in a better way can be shown as alternative, I know this can be little demotivating for new people who come to show their skills, but it would be good for community to have something that is consistent.

Also, I would like something like show what's in web-dev & not in python. So that I can curate lists which would be more useful for me.