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Discussion on: Suggest me the right Linux distro

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knav2013 • Edited

The clipboard came out of the box with my namib Linux (kde plasma) install. Ctrl-v for last copied. For clipboard history I click on icon on taskbar. Although, i've since learnt that a keyboard shortcut can be configured easily:

For beginners I wouldn't recommend namib though. E.g. need to really hunt around quiet a bit to get hibernate working. If pressed for time may not suite.

I used Ubuntu over 10 years. Changed to namib (which is arch based) this year after buying a new laptop.

Remember using a couple of sites where I input my requirements, then website suggests the most suitable flavours of Linux in order. Time permitting, I'll try and dig it them out. Not sure if I went with the recommendation in the end, but it was useful nevertheless.

If you have older machine or older hardware go with xfce, lxde desktop for better performance. Although, kde has also made vast improvements in performance.

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one of the sites for choosing linux distro:

BTW, on Namib Linux KDE Plasma you can bring up clipboard history with CTRL-ALT-H. Clipboard is called Parcellite.